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Wilmette Golf Club

With a $2.5 million budget, Martin Design developed an improvement program that would unify and upgrade the features, improve the underground and overland drainage systems, provide more tee surface, better locate hazards, improve playability, provide more strategy and ease maintenance requirements.  Mike Matchen, Director of Golf, “The Wilmette Park District could not have asked for anything more. It is a golf course that the community will enjoy for generations to come.”
This golf course, played by thousands every year, has an improved infrastructure and uniform features and is better able to provide for a wider ability of golfer without sacrificing challenge or strategy.  More importantly, the environmental improvements support the public cause by expanding wetlands, providing more storm-water management and improving water quality - all while reducing maintenance demands.

Wilmette 3 'lionsmouth'
Snapshot 2014-10-16 14-51-43
Wilmette 15
Wilmette 11 approach
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