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The Preserve at Oak Meadows

Oak Meadows Golf Course in Addison, Ill., lies within the Salt Creek watershed in eastern DuPage County 15 miles west of Chicago. It contains wetlands, ponds, prairies, old-growth oak-hickory forest, and a stretch of Salt Creek. Salt Creek is a meandering oxbow stream that runs from north to south through the forest preserve. 


After years of declining membership and decreasing profits, the club chose to sell the course to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County in 1985. 

Ultimately, the vision for Oak Meadows renovation rejected the assumption that improving golf amenities requires sacrificing other aspects of the property. Instead, the plan encouraged the property to expand and improve habitat and hold more floodwater while providing more sustainable, flood-resistant golf operations. Beyond simply co-existing, the operation of the golf course and the environmental functions of the forest preserve would have a symbiotic relationship. 

To effectively meet the project objectives of sustainable golf and environmental benefit, the planning, design and permitting was coordinated with 19 separate agencies to ensure approval. 

The Preserve at Oak Meadows will provide significant environmental benefit and access to a beautiful and revived Illinois Landscape. Not only will The Preserve at Oak Meadows provide a great golf experience, but it will also be a high functioning, quality landscape by improving water quality, expanding wetlands, creating native sanctuary and providing increased storm water management capabilities. 

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