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The MDP Process - Analysis, Goals, Planning, Design & Construction

We have a proven process generating project success with time-tested design procedures.  

This Step-by-Step Process can adapt depending on the project type [private, public, resort], client needs or budget limitations.

This procedure generates detailed analysis, achievable goals and foundational design.  With specified and significant client interaction and budget analysis project goals remain focused.   This systematic planning, design development, contractor bidding and on-site work produces site specific solutions that yield project success.  Our experience and thorough review can avoid short and long-term problems while generating solutions that solve aesthetic, functional, playability or strategic needs.

We can provide:

Master or Long Range Planning

Improvement Phasing

Tree Management and Landscape Improvement

Greens, Tees, Bunker Improvements

Grassing Plans

Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bidding, Value Engineering

Construction Services

Sketches and Perspective Imagery

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The Oaks #5 sketch.jpg
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We can prepare plans, renderings and sketches to adequately communicate

the ideas and concepts that offer unique imagery to assist in the

project communication. 

Improvement Implementation

We prepare detailed plans and specifications that allow for maximum

project flexibility. Our work in this stage provides project costing that

allows for adding and subtracting as needed during construction phases.  

Additionally, our work with civil and environmental engineers can aid the

permitting process and solve unique or complex environmental concerns.


Our on-site work with the Owner and Contractor allows for Value-Added

Site Solutions [VASS] making the project more cost effective and site specific.

Post Construction

Photography, As-Built sketch Renderings [B&W or Color],

Yardage Book Planning, Design and Production, Articles and

interviews, Social Media Promotion [Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook]


Additional Related Services

Branding & Logo Development, Clubhouse Site Planning,

Landscape Architecture, Project Signage, Branding/Logo Development

& Site Amenity Furniture Design/Development

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