Golf Course Architecture

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We are inspired to offer highly engaging, beautiful, strategic and environmentally beneficial golf architecture.


Making the Game Better


Our work is intentional.  We apply simple strategies, tailored for each project, each client, each market and each site so that your golf course becomes more interesting, more environmentally beneficial, resilient, easier to maintain and simpler to operate.  These strategies make the game more fun, more engaging, and more spirited.  If golfers are hopeful and engaged they will return, again and again.  


Isn’t that the point. 

Project Updates & News

Springbrook & Naperbrook Golf Courses

Planning for Upcoming Construction

Martin Design has completed Long-Range Improvement Plans for both golf courses to determine optimum budgeting and construction phasing. In the coming years, Springbrook and Naperbrook Golf Courses will be seeing improvement.  


Last fall saw improvements to both courses. Springbrook had major drainage improvements installed in anticipation of golf course improvements. This two-phased improvement will allow golf to be played for the full year in ’21 while installing the main framework of the drainage system ready for future tee, bunker and circulation improvements in fall of '22.


Naperbrook Golf Course had improvements to the Practice area.  The practice tee was expanded, the practice green redeveloped, and the area will be prepped for a large outing shelter to be constructed at a future date.  


Park Ridge Country Club

Completed Short Range Construction

This past fall, Martin Design and Wadsworth Golf Construction completed construction of a fantastic short-range improvement to this great club, further expanding and improving the golf amenities.  A short-range chipping area has been added including 3 practice bunkers, a sizable target green, a large bentgrass fairway with multiple angles and approach shots with varying angles and challenges. 

Martin Design continues to assist this club to make thoughtful improvements for every golfing member.


River Forest Country Club

Tee Renovation completed this fall

River Forest Country Club completed improvements to their tees and practice amenities this fall.  As part of ongoing Long-term improvement plans and strategies, Martin Design Golf with Liebold Construction improved the tee surfaces and expanded tee options and yardage variations for RFCC.  RFCC can now offer yardages from 4,700 yards to over 6,900 yds. with long, low profile runway tees.

Additionally, the Practice Tee has been expanded and the Practice Green has been enlarged and rebuilt.  All of these improvements are part of a Long Range Improvement Plan that was developed over the last few years for River Forest Country Club.


Settlers Hill Golf Course

Construction complete

Work is completed and we look forward to the opening of the golf course, practice range and junior course this summer. 

Ultimately, Settlers Hill will have 18 renovated golf holes on this magnificent property [with returning 9’s], a full practice range, youth links with a new drainage and irrigation system.  The golfers of central Kane County should be very excited. Greg Martin, Architect states “I am thrilled with the progress and the improvements.  This landscape is so dynamic, tailoring the feature development to the scale of the property is vital.  I am excited to see how these improvements are fitting together.”


Opening is tentatively scheduled for mid-summer of 2022.

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Phillips Park Golf Course

Master Improvement Planning

We are reviewing options for refreshing this great pubic golf course.  This beloved golf course on the southeast side of Aurora, has seen steady play since it rebirth in 2000. The coming years will see bunker renovations, tee expansions, improvements to the practice area, expansion of the practice green, addition of a short range, and clubhouse campus renovations.  The Clubhouse will see expansions for outdoor seating and lingering, as well as better access to practice and the revised 3-Hole Junior Course. 

As stewards of the environment and caretakers of golf we are privileged to develop courses that will be recognized as classic tests of golf and an exceptional benefit to the community. Our success can be traced to a commitment to the client, the game of golf and our respect for the land.


We have projects that are award winning and have received critical acclaim.  But more importantly, our work is environmentally beneficial, economically successful and operationally efficient.