Six in Six

6 Essays that explore various aspects of Golf Course Architecture and Design, each touching on the challenging endeavor of designing in this age of high expectation and value discernment.

The Rank on Rankings

Golf Chicago Magazine

why rankings sometimes miss the importance of indivdual experience, meaning, value to community and authenticity. 


Bunker Mentality

Boardroom Magazine

a quick review of the importance of bunkers to the design of a golf course, and more importantly, why an architect uses certain types of bunkers.


The Cost of Doing Nothing

On Course

a review of the ‘cost of inaction’ to a golf course operation.  Inaction increases maintenance and has the potential to erode customer satisfaction.  Systematic and logical action can reverse that, not only reducing maintenance costs, but increase play, income and improve market share.


Beyond Bunkers

Golf Chicago Magazine

a quick look at the importance of bunkering in design, strategic and aesthetic styles of various architects.


After the Flood

Golf Industry News. 

a detailed outline of the Oak Meadows Golf Preserve project including the overlapping design and approval requirements for creek restoration, water quality improvement, wetland expansion, habitat enhancement, stormwater management and the resultant golf course improvements.


Public Courses Survive and Thrive

By Design, and Daily Herald

an editorial outlining the benefit of public golf to a community and how those benefits are felt beyond the boundaries of the golf course.


Magic is Not Obvious

Golf Chicago Magazine

sometimes the beauty and wonder of a golf course is what you don't see.  It is felt and sensed, but not visible.


Golf's DNA

Golf Chicago Magazine

the allure of the game and great design can be found in its most fundamental aspect: Match Play.  Match Play may save golf.


Fun as Foundation

California Golf Superintendent Magazine

fun is central to the health of the game and fun is based on width, options, the the greens.  Golden Age Architects profess similar design philosophies that create variation, strategy, and playable flexibility. 


The Golf Paradox

the same things that have propelled golf to one of the most popular development opportunities and recreational options are the same things that create challenges for the golf industry. 


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Northwest Illinois Golf Course Superintendents 2019

Rich Harvest Farms, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Journey Mapping Your Golf Course

Midwest Assn Golf Course Superintendents 2019

Medinah, Illinois 

The Cost of Doing Nothing

National Golf Course Owners Assn

2018 Golf Industry Show

San Antonio, Texas

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Golf Innovation Symposium

United States Golf Association

Vancouver, Canada

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Top Agronomic Advisors, NGCOA

Monterey, California

What's Driving Renovation

Wisconsin State Golf Association

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Master Planning - SWOT


Improvement Planning

MAGCS Assistants

Annual Meeting


Golf Industry Show

Design Trends Forum

The Unintended Consequences of Stroke Play & the Opportunities of Match Play


Illinois Parks & Recreation

Annual Meeting

Oak Meadows Planning and Challenges


State of the Industry

MAGCS Annual Meeting

Medinah Country Club


Sustainable and Authentic Golf

Experience Green

Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island


Golf & The Picturesque

Landscape Architecture

University of Michigan


Remodeling University

Golf Industry Show

Orlando, Florida


Sustainable Golf

ASLA Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois


State of the Industry

MAGCS Winter Meeting

Lemont, Illinois


Master Planning for Public Golf

Golf Course Managers Association

Charleston, West Virginia


Planning for Infrastructure Improvement

Heart of America Golf Course Superintendents Association

Kansas City, Missouri


Golf & Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Talieson, Wisconsin


Golf Course Construction Roundtable

Golf Course Builders Association of America

Chicago, Illinois


Planning the Master Plan

MAGCS Annual Meeting

Chicagoland Golf Course Superintendents

Central Illinois Golf Course Superintendents


The 90 Day Miracle

Crittendon Golf Development

Palm Springs, California

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