We are not “minimalist”, nor are we “modern.”
Simply… we are inspired to make the game better.

The demands of golfers and challenges from the golf industry inspire us to be more thoughtful and creative to solve functional, strategic, aesthetic and environmental requirements. The result is more playable, more challenging, more unique, more authentic and more engaging golf experiences.

We endeavor to create golf courses that challenge and stimulate each and every golfer that visits. Our courses are: economically sensible and environmentally sensitive; considerate of the course maturation; efficient in the construction and maintenance requirements; and most importantly, appealing to the intended golf market.

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Featured Project


The Benefits of Public Golf

The recent article in the Daily Herald [Publicly owned golf courses losing money, and taxpayers pay – Jake Griffin] about the financial challenges of many Public golf courses was interesting and brings light to some important issues. Certainly, these courses and others need to examine…
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Wilmette Golf Club

Wilmette Golf Club was rededicated on July 10 and a Grand Opening outing for the Ouimette Foundation on July 11 was a rousing success. Golfers enjoyed the variety, the strategy, relocated bunkers, expanded tee surfaces, wider fairways and more challenging and unique green settings.  More…
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